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What People are saying about Danna and SUNNYLAND!

SUNNYLAND, RIPE and ONE LOVE are ready for your ears.

Please check it out and if you like it, you can purchase or stream it at over 30 digital markets including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Xbox, 7Digital, Sony Music Unlimited and Tidal.  

Great Album by Ashloj

Absolutely loving this album!  Thank you for finally releasing it!

Soulful! By LP191

I love this album!  It is truly an artistic masterpiece.  “Miss You” is so beautiful to listen to with its soulful Spanish rhythm and 3650 Days, what an incredible tribute to Amanda Berry’s strength.  She will be proud.  I really love that each song can touch you in some aspect of your life.  Great work Danna!  Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

Something for everyone by Loranne4

So excited that Danna’s new album has finally arrived! Her voice has only gotten better with time.  This album will appeal to many as it has something for everyone.  Listen to it and I think you’ll agree.  Going off to listen to it again…

Click on album covers to purchase in iTunes.


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Ricc Sandoval :

Is a super talented musician with a 30 year history of performing nationally and internationally to audiences craving his unique and versatile style that delivers - from rock to funk, to roots to blues.


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